Thursday, August 22, 2013

If this was a rug....

If this was a rug, we would eagerly anticipate the coming of autumn just to roll out the fiery reds, oranges and yellows that beautify the landscape.
Our food inspired rug design prompted another in our series of "If this was a rug..." with more fascinating finds.  This time, we searched for what we deemed as actual rug designs that were potentially inspired by these breathtaking images.

If this was a rug, it would be soft to the touch, plush to the eye and perfectly pale blue.

Well nature might have met its home decor match, literally. Perhaps the designers at Kaleen were looking at a very similar image when they designed this rug for the Botany Collection. Nature is truly inspiring. 

Blue Peonies and the Kaleen Botany Collection Rug in Blue

If this was a rug it would pretty much look a lot like this, with no squishy footsteps and no fear of a flying water bomb to the back of the head.

Water Balloon Fight by University of Kentucky
Two rugs that immediately came to mind when we saw this colorful expanse of balloons.

The very symmetrical circles are the colorful design of the Safavieh Kids collection. The bright array of circles make it a lively addition to any room, include the kiddo in your life. Momeni's Lil Mo Hipster Collection combines familiar shapes and bright colors in a jovial pattern that seem so reminiscent of that bright, bubbly water balloon trail.

If this was a rug, the gorgeous green detail would be the most perfect example of handmade beauty.

We couldn't help but think of this perfect hand tufted rug by Safavieh for the Soho collection.

Safavieh Soho Collection in Green

This image of perfect peaches has gained so much popularity in the past few weeks, that we had to include it in this series.

If this was a rug, it would harness the freshness of summer in a blush, plush, fuzzy peach number. Oh, the beauty of nature.

We immediately thought of the perfect shade of orange and soft to the touch when we came across this gorgeous photo. The rug from the Surya Mystique collection and the LA Rugs Soft Shaggy Collection in orange personify this perfectly. They are just so peachy.

Surya Mystique Rug and LA Rugs Soft and Shaggy Rug

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