Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rizzy Rugs on RugPal

Well, hello Rizzy Rugs. Mind if we sit a while? We'd love to introduce your stunning floor decor.

The Rizzy Home company, that creates and manufactures Rizzy Rugs, is a collaborative effort between brothers Riswan and Shamsu Ansari. Rizzy Rugs are created with the highest quality materials ranging from from silks to dyed yarn. The unique design and custom ornamentation are a signature of the Rizzy Rugs quality and attention to detail. Each Rizzy Rugs collection is specially designed in specific styles, generating collections that range from traditional to avant garde.

We invite you to get down into the nitty Rizzy because we're sure you'll love these rugs as much as we do.

The Vicki Payne Collection combines the talent of designer Vicki Payne with the experience and meticulous nature of Rizzy Rugs manufacturing. Vicki Payne is a nationally recognized designer, home improvement, gardening and decorating expert who has hosted the popular For Your Home home and gardening television show for 15 years. The designs of her rugs are classic, crisp and approachable fitting into a range of design styles and decor.

Vicki Payne Collection in Blue and Beige

Rizzy's Volare rug collection takes a more traditional approach to design with repetitive geometric patterns, definitive scrollwork and bold color palettes. The rugs in the Volare collection will most likely be front and center, rather than blending into the background.

Rug from the Volare Collection in Sage

The Avante Garde collection by Rizzy begs to be touted as a contemporary art piece featured in your living room floorscape. The designs are unique, abstract and full of contemporary style. The uniqueness of this collection is as unique as a piece of fine art. It may even make you feel more like you are perusing canvases rather than rugs.

Rug from the Avante Garde Collection in Sky Blue

Explore more creatively gorgeous Rizzy Rug collections on RugPal.

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