Monday, August 26, 2013

Feeling a Little Koi

The Pantone 2013 fall fashion collection call this special color koi for a reason. Color pop just became Koi.

Along with Emerald and Linden, Koi is included in Pantone's 2013 Fashion Color Report. Koi is anything but, with a brightness that will bring neutrals out of hiding and level out the bolder choices. The use of Koi with warmer colors is definitely reminiscent of the beauty of autumn. Your floors will feel the warmth as the crisp air blows in.

Jaipur is at the forefront of home decor fashion trends with some of the most appealing pieces in the Blue and Maroc Collections. This piece from the Blue collection does not know the meaning of the word coy. The bold pattern and bold colors take centerstage. Being hand-tufted from handspun wool is just an added bonus.

Blue Collection

We're definitely fans of the Jaipur Maroc collection, and these two rugs do not disappoint. Fashion forward is certainly evident in the inverted stripes and the elegant, but simple geometric pattern. Both rugs are an elegant flatweave that is completely reversible. Fashionable and practical is a hard combination to beat.

The Safavieh Courtyard Collection takes the warmth of the beautiful shade of orange as the main feature and then adds simple scrollwork. The complexity of this rug lies in its versatility. It's traditional, eclectic or contemporary. Stylish, no matter how you define it.

Square off with this unique design from the Surya Stella Smith Collection. This rug takes neutrals and warmth, combines them into one package, and then uses various forms of the same shape to offer more comfort to the theme. Hand-tufted from 100% New Zealand wool, this rug knows just how to make you feel like coming home.

Surya Stella Smith Collection

Of course, don't just take our fashionable word for it. Top designers in haute couture and in the home decor world find Koi just as elegantly appealing and beautifully diverse.

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