Thursday, May 30, 2013

Decorating with Yellow

Come on, get happy! Go tropical this summer and let a warm color palette seep its way into your home. From rugs to lamps and paint colors to pillows, yellow can be a perfectly warm and delightful companion to, well, just about any other color in the home.

Yellow Interior by Fancy Cribs

First things first: choose the perfect shade of yellow. The yellow and gray color combination brings yellow to the forefront as a, no, better yet, as THE bright color pop on a neutral backdrop. The shade of yellow that works best in your home depends on your preferences, your design style, the amount of light in the room and the use of the room. Yellow used in a room with some natural light, such as the living room pictured above, can enhance the open, brightness of the room making it appear larger.

When considering the perfect shade, the amount of red or blue that is in the yellow can alter its personality. Yellow with undertones of red, for example, evoke warmth while yellows with a blue undertone can have a slightly chillier disposition. Bright yellows are typically not recommended for bedrooms, rather, muted, buttery yellows. The calmness of the paler yellow make it easier to rest when necessary.

Yellow Raincoat Natura from Benjamin Moore
The little ray of sunshine that yellow brings can immediately shift your mood from gloomy to bright. We think the Lemon Zest pantone shade introduced for the spring 2013 collection, evokes tropical freshness and summer fun in the sun.

Once you choose your shade of yellow, you can choose accessories and paint colors to enrich your yellow space.

1. The Jaipur Urban Bungalow rug in Mango is a 100% flat woven wool featured in our Southwestern/Lodge collection. The geometric patterns present a traditional design motif with a bold color for a modern home.

2. The Surya Aimee Wilder rug in quince yellow and icicle is hand tufted from 100% New Zealand wool. The perky floral pattern is an original design by Aimee Wilder for Surya.

3. The Linon Silhouette rug in yellow and white is a hand hooked rug from 100% New Zealand wool. The very simple, repetitive angled design allow for this rug to transcend any particular design style, making it a highlight of our transitional collection.

4. The Safavieh Soho rug in gold and ivory is a hand tufted woolen delight presenting the traditional scrolled motif in a whole, new light. Yellow.

Step into the sunshine and highlight your home with bright to butter and everything in between. Summer sun, come on in.

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