Friday, December 6, 2013

Contemporary Rugs for Holiday Shopping

Chandra Counterfeit Collection rug in White and Red

Be it a style or a type, we want to introduce you to 12 types of rugs to make your floors swoon this holiday season. On the first day of Christmas, RugPal is proud to give to you.... a rug that is con-temp-orar-yyyyy (feel free to sing this in the appropriate tune).

RugPal is proud to present the creations of some of the most prolific artists and designers. If you lean toward less is more, color pops on neutral, clean lines, and geometric patterns, then you just might be a contemporary. And, if your style is contemporary, you will not have trouble finding a piece that suits your taste and your space.

Here are some highlights from our contemporary selection to help your home find its style.

NuLoom so elegantly portrays the contemporary style with the Grace collection. This Lilac piece embodies the contemporary style with a simple repetitive design and a color choice that works well paired with any neutral.

NuLoom Grace Rug in Lilac
Building on to a recognizable form rooted in a traditional style is a cornerstone of contemporary style. Take something familiar from the past and create a new identity for it in the present. This rug from the Palace collection by Dynamic rugs echoes the geometric patterns you would see in ancient palatial tile floors and uses a simple, elegant color pattern for the modern contemporary.

Dynamic Palace Rug in Ivory and Orange

NuLoom gets the formula just right with this rug from the Decor Collection. The simplicity of black on white alternating with white on black and a design characterized by some familiar scrollwork is a perfect representation of contemporary. 

NuLoom Decor Rug in Black and White
For the contemporary who loves a bit of a color pop, feast your eyes on the Surya Frontier collection. The simple chevron pattern plays on the contemporary's need for lines and angles, while the green color situates itself beautifully into a neutral decor. Bravo Surya.

Surya Frontier rug in Papyrus and Peridot
So start revising your wish list now and treat yourself to some contemporary style. Happy first day of Christmas. Settle in for 11 more!


  1. As house designs get more modern and advanced, so are contemporary rugs that are perfect because of their variety. People can be very creative and choose the rugs to their liking. :)

  2. Great point Rachel! We couldn't agree more.