Friday, December 13, 2013

Natural Fiber Rugs for Holiday Shopping

Surya Dominican Collection Hemp Rug in Auburn/Blond
On the fifth day of Christmas, we are going all natural.

All-natural rugs are constructed completely of natural fibers. If you are concerned about your environmental footprint and decorating your home with sustainable and renewable fibers, then a natural fiber rug is for you. Because of the neutral tones of natural fiber rugs, they are very much at home in contemporary homes and also make a perfect backdrop for rug layering. Some of our favorite natural rugs are stylish, versatile and, oh, so green.

Anji Mountain Seagrass Rug

The Surya Reeds collection has constructed this rug from 100% jute. The jute is hand-woven into a pattern that we think resembles a tweed or a contemporary chevron. Jute is a durable vegetable fiber that not only holds up to use, but, due to the coarse nature of the fiber, creates a dimensional appearance with texture.

Surya Reeds Rug in Mulled Wine
NuLoom's Natura collection gives new meaning to the beauty of all natural. The Ikat design and the bright color palette of this jute rug are just a few of its unique qualities. It's hard to believe with the vibrancy of this piece that the weave is 100% all natural.

NuLoom Ikat Jute Rug

Anji Mountain is a company that specializes in a variety of natural fiber and naturally constructed floor decor. The seagrass rug pictured below is a perfect example of their naturally beautiful products. The 100% seagrass rug (also pictured above) is very similar to jute in color and style, really showing off the natural texture and dimensionality of the product.

Anji Mountain Seagrass Rug in beige
Whatever your taste in natural materials, from hemp...

Surya Trinidad Collection in Mushroom and Cameo bamboo....

Angji Mountain Bamboo mat

....we've got you covered. Naturally.

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