Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Loloi Charlotte Collection

Loloi Charlotte Rug in Ivory and Onyx
Welcome Charlotte to your eclectic home.

The Loloi Charlotte collection is ideal for an eclectic home. The designs combine the comfort and familiarity of geometric patterns with contemporary color palettes and designs. A transitionally designed home that eases in and out of decor styles will see the beauty and simplicity in Charlotte. Each rug in this collection is constructed of 100% polyester making them deliciously soft.

The Peridot version of the above-pictured rug
Appealing to the neutral side of contemporary design, yet incorporating a modern twist on a traditional tile, this rug can easily fit into a variety of home styles. We also love that this rug takes a bit more of a bolder statement with the delightfully cheery peridot color.

Loloi Charlotte Collection in Ash
Take a simple repetitive pattern, massage it a bit, give it some curviness and just a bit of a skewed appearance and you have a rug that is eclectically traditional. This rug works well as the statement making centerpiece to your room or as a simple entryway piece that beckons your guests to stay.

Loloi Charlotte Collection in Navy

We see fish scales, but at second glance, we also see the scroll work reminiscent in traditionally design rugs. Either way, you can't deny the versatility of Charlotte. She is such a beautiful paradox.

Charlotte in Onyx and Ivory

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