Monday, December 30, 2013

Rizzy Rugs Fusion Collection

The fusion collection by Rizzy Rugs makes us feel like celebrating.

The bold colors and lively designs of the Rizzy Rugs Fusion collection have us thinking streamers, fireworks and bold statements for the new year. With a range of styles from contemporary to a more humble country floral pattern, this collection will have you excited to add some floor decor in 2014.

This rug takes a traditional geometric pattern and adds some bold colors which takes the design to a more eclectic level. The lovely the contrast between the light blue and the dark blue eases you into the transition to the vibrant green. A dark gray background is also available and makes a more subtle statement and creating a more contemporary appeal.

Rizzy Rugs Fusion Collection in Blue
With a burst of colors, we can't help but think of streamers spiraling down to our face after a festive New Year's eve countdown. Greens, blues, reds and purple on a neutral backdrop. It is possible to be subtle and vibrant!

Rizzy Rugs Fusion Collection in White

The intricate stencil-like design of this rug wears many hats. It's simple, yet complex and delightfully contemporary with a traditional nod.  Neutral coloring allows for an easy and welcome fit into a variety of decor styles without intruding.

Rizzy Rugs Fusion Collection in Dark Brown

Bravo Rizzy Rugs. We tip our hats in celebrating the Fusion rug collection.

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