Monday, December 16, 2013

Shag Rugs for Holiday Shopping

NuLoom Modella Collection in Invigorate
This seventh day of Christmas we bring you lots of shag.

Shag is the ultimate in comfort and coziness. It carries with it a personality that may seem one dimensional until you see it in action. The shag rug is more than just vintage psychedelic decor, they have found a place in contemporary design adding depth and softness to straight edges and hard angles.

Shag Rug in a Contemporary Living Room Image by Kubodo

The Surya Milan collection is a long-piled shag with a variety of thread sizes and textures. Pictured in gray and beige, but also available in red/burgundy, ivory/beige, forest/moss, orange/burnt orange, ivory/white and in black/gray. The plushness is more than just visible, this shag rug is constructed of a combination of wool and polyester in a hand woven format.

Surya Milan Shag rug in Ivory and Beige

The Safavieh Florida shag collection incorporates design into the construct of the shag. With some beautiful hand carving, the intricate scrollwork comes to life. The hand carving adds another dimension to the already heightened pile, creating an even more dramatic shag effect.

Safavieh Florida Shag Rug in Smoke and Beige

This piece takes shag to a delightfully softer level. The NuLoom hides collection is 100% sheepskin wool that just exudes coziness, warmth and comfort. The appearance of this rug has a cloud-like appearance that may just have you feeling like you are floating on air.

NuLoom Hides Collection Sheepskin Rug

Everytime we see this rug, we can't help but think of a frolic in fields of grass in the warm springtime. The Chandra Duke collection has created a hand-woven rug in a grass green that may just remind you of that frolic every time you step on it. Happy, shaggy holidays from RugPal.

Chandra Duke Collection in green

Green Shag Dining Rug

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