Monday, December 15, 2014

Using Red Rugs in Your Holiday Decor

Image: Asmara

Making your holidays merry and bright but just adding a little red to your floors.

Red is bold. It is warm color that can awaken your home and make an energetic statement. Quite simply, anything red becomes a focal point and won't be bashful or blend in. It's no wonder that this bold color choice is also the color of the holiday season.

We urge you to make your holiday decorating so much simpler, yet astounding by just adding a little bit of red to your floors. Give your decor the one-two punch it deserves by rolling out the red carpet, er, rug.

Image: Asmara

A bold, red rug not only becomes the focal point of a space, it can be your center point of your holiday decor. A rust or a burgundy; traditional motifs or moderns swirls, this type of holiday decorating fits so well into your stylish plan.

Surya Portera Collection in Rust and Loloi Grant Collection in Red

Opt for a traditional design in a traditional shade of burgundy to accent your age-old holiday traditions or choose a merry magenta completely out of the ordinary for a holiday full of surprises.

You might just find a new favorite look.

Image: Elle Decor

Even though red is most frequently used in the color palette of traditional decor, it can just as easily blend in to your eclectic decor for a very, merry holiday season.

Loloi Catalina Collection in Red and Ivory and Surya Sanderson Collection in Poppy

Have fun this holiday season, especially with your floor decor.

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