Friday, December 5, 2014

What Every Mudroom Needs

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Get your mudroom or home entry ready for some snow-filled, soggy days.

When adding a mudroom or sprucing up the one you have, there are a few essential items that should be considered in the planning. We've compiled this list of everything we think a mudroom needs to keep your home mud free and mudroom beautifully organized. Tap the snow off of your boots and read on.

1. Have a Seat - everyone appreciates a place to sit when removing boots of mud and snow. Consider adding a bench or chairs to your entry or mudroom to make boot removal easier.

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2. Kid Friendly - Make hooks, cubbies and storage easily accessible for those of all ages and sizes. Place hooks within the reach of the little people that need to hang their coats and scarves.

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3. Add Style - there is no reason to keep your mudroom sterile or uninviting. The look of a typical utility room can be just that, utilitarian, rather than reflecting your personal style. Consider adding personal items, artwork and pops of color particularly in areas of the home wherein the mudroom is a walk-through.

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4. Indoor/Outdoor Rug - an indoor/outdoor rug in your mudroom helps to keep the floors slip free, warmer, weather-proof and so easy to clean. Your mudroom is the transition from the exterior of your home to the interior. Try incorporating aspects of the exterior of your home with the interior of your home. Adding a rug, is a great way to tie the coziness of the interior with the practicality of the exterior. In addition to being weatherproof indoor/outdoor rugs are also stain resistant and very durable.

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5. Storage - shelves, hooks, hangers, cubbies and containers all help to organize the clutter. Give each family member their own storage space, similar to the concept of a locker, so that winter or rain wear is easy to find and easy to store.

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6. Vertical and Horizontal - make the most of your space by storing items vertically in a tall space or horizontally in a narrow space. Use the storage options that work best in your space without overcrowding or clutter.

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7. Use Existing Pieces - if your budget is limited, consider venturing to resale shops or perusing your home for a piece of furniture that you can incorporate into your mudroom.  Old dressers, coat racks, console tables or shelving units all work well to organizing your mudroom, even on a budget.

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8. Furry Family Members - be sure to account for your furry friends who enter the house with muddy and wet paws. Easy to clean surfaces, rugs, mats and a stack of clean towels are helpful for keeping the area pet friendly.

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9. No Mudroom? No Problem - not every home incorporates an official mudroom into the design. If you don't have one built in, you can easily create one. Look for any dead space in your home (particularly in the entry) that could be organized into a mudroom or all-weather area of sorts.

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