Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kids Rugs for Your Home Decor

Image: Swimbus

Kids are cool. They have their own uninhibited style that breaks any stuffy decor boundaries.
Give your decor a pop with some fantastically boundary-breaking pieces from our kids collection. Here are some of our favorite pieces that could just as easily fit into your living room, bedroom or favorite family cozy spot.

Image: Digs Digs

Totally Mod. This rug complete with repetitive shapes and bold colors is totally modern, totally hip and so much a part of a modern home's landscape. Kid friendly is also kid-stylish.

Surya Bambino Collection

One single color, in very contemporary fashion, with a repetitive, more traditional scroll pattern enhancing the design, means totally eclectic. We love how easily this solid color beauty could blend into a home with traditional decor, transitional decor or contemporary decor in pure seamless fashion, with no fuss.

Abigail Collection in Orchid
Also available in Slate, Pink and Lime

This is another one of those colorful modern pieces that could liven up a kids room, your modern living room, a playroom, or, even, your bedroom. The simple pattern with bright color combinations not only allows for variety in decorating, but gives you a full color palette upon which to plan.

NuLoom Cine Collection

Kids love patterns. Stripes and dots. Clouds and owls. Racecars and basketballs. This rug is a perfect way to blend into any pattern in your home by being fun without being invasive. Our rule of thumb when mixing patterns is: when in doubt, go with the stripes. This rug meets that rule perfectly.

Surya Young Life Collection in Orchid

When we first saw this rug, we had no idea it was part of a kids collection. We wanted it for our living room. Truth be told, after we learned it was for a kids collection, we wanted it even more. The contemporary color combination, mixed with a simple but playful pattern is just what every living room needs: stylish personality.

Surya Abigail Collection in lime

We bet that you if we hadn't told you, you have no idea that these rugs were from the kids collection. They are so tapped into modern style, yet remain playful and versatile, with a kids room in mind. The color combination of this lemon colored rug from the Surya Bambino collection is just what we would imagine in a home filled with 1960s modern pop art and acrylic egg chairs. What kid wouldn't love that? What parent wouldn't love that?

Surya Bambino Collection in Lemon

Go on, peruse our kids collection. We triple dog dare you.

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