Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rug Safety with Rug Pads

Keep your holiday guests happy, healthy and safe with these simple quick tips for rug safety.

Rugs slip and slide. Regardless of the backing, most rugs will not stay in place on hard floors. You need to make sure you have a no slip grip.

For your guests, a skidding rugs means a possible floor hazard. Since we don't want any major falls (especially where the dish of cranberries or a glass of red wine are concerned) install a rug pad. A rug pad, very simply, keeps a rug in place. When rugs slip and slide on hard floors, not only can accidents occur, but a sliding rug can cause both damage to your floor and the rug itself.

A rug pad grips the floor and the rug, so that the rug won't slip on the rug pad and the rug pad won't slip on the floor.

Don't forget, when purchasing a rug, that the number one safety tip for placing rugs on hard, slippery surfaces is to add a rug pad. A rug pad is a fool-proof way to to prevent slipping, sliding or moving out of place.

We offer rug pads free with every purchase on RugPal, to make sure your rug lasts a long time and your floors stay hazard free.

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