Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Upcycled Home Decor

Furniture Made from VCR Tapes and Discarded Toys by Dutch Artist Dirk Vander Kooij

Finding beauty in salvaged materials.

Upcycling is creative, affordable, unique and not to mention ecochic. Here are some upcycled or salvaged home decor pieces that we find irresistible. Get ready to impress your holiday guests.

The Giselle collection by Loloi

Hand knotted entirely of refurbished sari silks from India, this collection just glows. Giselle radiates style and beauty with a vibrant color palette. The Giselle collection is so stylish, in fact, that fashion designer Cristina Lynch has dressed her floors in the silk saris. As Loloi says "for tastemakers not taste takers" and we couldn't agree more.

Cristina Lynch's Giselle Rug

Valise Pet Bed

Your cat or pup is bound to curl up in your suitcase anyway. Make them feel at home with this upcycled pet bed created from vintage suitcases and wooden furniture bases.

Image: Suitcase Pet Beds

Reclaimed Barnwood Photo Frame

The creation of Paradise Hill Designs, these photo frames are made from salvaged barn wood found in British Columbia. Each frame is unique and adds texture and rustic personality to even the stateliest of homes.

Barn Wood Frames by Paradise Hill Designs

Mandala Record Bowl

Who says going vinyl is out of style? These Mandala platters are made from vinyl. Yes, those vinyl records that you ditched years ago. Each bowl is painted with acrylic paint and then heated and reshaped by clever artist Christine Claringbold of EyePopArt. The original vinyl label is still intact, just flip the bowl over.

Mandala Bowl in Muted Green

Ancient Kauri Wood Chairs

Artisan Guy Bucchi creates chairs from found materials such rope, copper, glass and the NewZealand native swamp kauri wood (which can be thousands of years old). Each chair is unique, as he designs the piece around the found materials. We are blown away by the creativity and style.

Japanese Bull Chair

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