Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Questions about Rug Care

One of our most popular rug questions revealed.
We receive regular questions regarding rug care, color, inventory and rug construction. Here's one that is currently the most popular and we thought we would share (just in case you have the same question).

Q. Can this rug be machine washed?

Chandra Thomaspaul Collection in Green and White

A. The short answer to that question is no, not this one. Only certain rugs composed of certain fibers can be washed. 

The long answer, however, could help you determine which rug to buy if you really require it to be machine washable.

Firstly, if you think of rug care being similar to clothing care, it will help has a guide to taking the best care of your rugs. Always refer to the care label of the rug. The label is a helpful in determining if your rug would hold up to a machine wash. If the label states that the rug should be dry cleaned, it is usually related to color fastness. So, unless you want the colors of your rug to run or fade, do not wash it.

Of course we understand that prior to purchase, you can't read the rug label. If you note the type of rug fiber from which the rug is constructed, however, that can help in determining if the rug is machine washable.

Synthetic rugs are often the most durable when it comes to machine washing. Indoor/outdoor rugs, for example, are constructed of polypropylene and are highly durable. These rugs can even be hosed off with water, so they certainly can be washed in a machine. Polyester rugs are also highly durable and could easily withstand a machine wash.

Image: Surya Rain Collection in Teal

We would not recommend washing wool, silk, cotton, bamboo or other natural fibers, unless the instructions indicate that the rug would be safe to wash. So, just like you wouldn't wash your grandmother's vintage silk blouse, do not wash an antique silk rug.

Wool Fiber Rug and Not Machine Washable
Image: Suray Wyndham Collection in Purple

When in doubt, however, always consult a professional. Not only do we help you find the perfect rug for your style, we help you find the perfect rug for your lifestyle. If you require a durable, washable rug in a bright contemporary design, we'll help you find it.

For more information on rug cleaning or stain removal, peruse our blog or contact us directly. We know more than anyone should know about how to care for your rug.

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