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Are You Ready to Host for the Holidays

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Get your home ready for the holidays.
If you plan on playing host this holiday season, there is no time like the present for getting your house in order. Here's a little checklist to get you started.

New Looks

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to spruce up a room is add new bold or bright colors and accessories. Choose new throw pillows, rugs, lamps, artwork or picture frames to spruce up your decor. If you have the time and energy, you may consider adding color with a new coat of paint or a uniquely patterned wallpaper. Of course, if you don't have the time for paint, accessorizing is always quick, fun and can even be holiday themed.

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Organized Play Areas

For all of the little lads and ladies on the guest list, make sure that entertainment is well organized, easily accessible, easy to clean up in a pinch and clutter free. Toys and games can be sorted and displayed in playrooms, mudrooms or guest rooms. Designate these areas as the play areas. Keeping toys isolated out of high traffic areas and easily organized will make cleanup easier and playing so much more fun.

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Refurbished Furniture

Give a facelift to some of your favorite pieces of furniture. Even though they may be perfectly comfortable, they could be a bit worn on the edges or, simply, need a bit of updating. Keep your favorite overstuffed reading chair, but give it a new look. The same could be said for your dining table and chairs. Reupholster dining chairs, polish your woods or even add a new coat of paint to your painted woods to freshen up to your favorites.

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Holiday Decor

Consider adding some perfectly festive pieces to your decor to create a holiday ambiance. If you have kiddos, enlist their help or display their holiday art projects. Don't forget that any new festive piece can be incorporated into centerpieces and family photos. Add to your wall art by framing all of your favorite holiday family photos for a holiday collage.

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Remove Clutter

Organize or remove your clutter. The last thing you want to get in the way of your holiday festivities is a pile of unopened mail or a messy office. Don't close the doors to your workspace, just hide the clutter until after the event. Don't worry, it will still be there, waiting patiently.

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A Grand Entrance

Create a grand entrance to make your guests to feel like they are stepping into a five-star hotel. Add rugs, decorations and plenty of places for storing boots, shoes and coats. Anticipate necessity for snow days by providing a place to sit and remove shoes. Don't let some gloomy weather dictate the appearance of your entry. Make it bright, light and cheerful as the first taste of what to anticipate in the rest of the home.

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Get your Kitchen in Order

No doubt you kitchen will be the center of your holiday action. Keep your ingredients handy and within easy reach. Meal prep should be easy and efficient, so that you can also enjoy visiting with your guests. Be sure to get your platters, serving trays, china and silver out of hiding and ready for serving.

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Take Shortcuts

At the last minute, don't be afraid to take shortcuts. Shove unfinished projects in closets or even transfer items from guest room closets into your master closets. Make your guests feel welcome by giving them a place in drawers and closets. Even if you have to place some of your own stuff in bins until you can sort it later, simply get some stylish bins. In fact, placing the bins out in the open still removes the appearance of clutter.



Don't forget that fresh flowers, plants and even bowls of fresh fruits can go a long way to adding a fresh look and feel. Adding natural elements to your decor, even those that come from your own yard, is a perfect way to display the beauty of fall. The best part is, that the items can be added at the last minute with the appearance of hours of labor intensive preparation.

Image: Beautiful Habitat

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