Monday, September 8, 2014

Adding Natural Elements to your Fall Decor

Image: Dear Lillie

A frolic through nature in time for Fall.

This Fall, bring the outdoors in and highlight the beauty of nature. Throw some nature into your decor and bring the outside inside. From foliage on your floor to tree branches on your woodgrain bookcase, explore the beauty of natural shapes and textures to warm up your home.

Start with simplicity. The beauty of Fall is in its simplicity. Sometimes the most beautiful elements of decor come from your own backyard or a hike on your favorite nature trail. The best part about adding decor found in nature is a giant relief on your pocketbook. Oh, and finding it is so much fun.

Image: Mrs. Hine's Class

As the weather gets cooler outside, it's natural to want to create a warmth and coziness indoors. The warm colors of fall coupled with some natural elements can lend a woodsy feel to your fall hearth.

Image: Organize and Decorate Everything

Even though the leaves are transforming to fiery shades, you still love being reminded of the green foliage. Chandra's Aschera collection helps make that possible. As the weather turns cooler outside, the foliage still stays green.

Chandra Aschera Collection in Green

The combination of warm colors and motifs found in nature can also make for falltastic floor decor. Changing the rugs in your home with the changing seasons is a great way to add some spice to your home to go with that pumpkin pie.

MA Trading Chester Collection in Orange

Don't look any further than your own backyard for nature inspired accessories. With just few branches and twigs nature is your mantel's centerpiece. Fall is the perfect time of year to display natural pieces to represent the changing of the seasons. Mother nature leaves some of the best elements for home decor.

Image: Indie Fixx

Image: Indie Fixx

Your idea of incorporating nature into your decor may be to introduce elements of sustainability. Decorating your home by using salvaged or recycled materials is not only ecologically friendly, but eco chic. Showcasing nature while being environmentally conscious sounds like the perfect pairing to us.

Image: Doornob

Indoor/outdoor rug by b.b. begonia rug made from recycled materials

Get out there and enjoy Fall, then bring a bit of it indoors with you to enhance your decor for the new season.

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