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Should Your Artwork Match Your Room Decor

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Find the most suitable way to showcase your art.

A typical rule of thumb for home decor shopping, particularly when searching for furniture and accessories, is to color coordinate and play the matching game. Matching a color palette creates a cohesiveness among your decor, some designers might even recommend matching your furniture with your art. An artist will portend that the only rule that matters is that you pick art that speaks to you. Artwork has its own statement to make, so don't try to match it to your sofa. That being said, don't just hang and display your art about without some thought. Give it an ideal place in your room where it make the best impression.

Style of Art and Style of Decor

Just like you have an eye for the type of decor style that speaks to you (art deco, contemporary or French country), you, too, have an eye for a particular style of art. While your art may not match the color palette of the room, the style of art and your decor style would be unmistakable. The pieces of art that truly highlight your style, whether matching or not, should be featured as the focal point of the room.

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Make it Eclectic

If you have already selected the decor for your home before encountering your perfect art piece, don't worry. In the same way that you can integrate different decor styles into a room, you can also integrate different styles of art together and fuse different decor styles with different art styles.

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When there is no unifying design style to emanate, you have more freedom in selecting and hanging your art. Combining different colors, styles, textures and shapes adds to the eclectic decor of the room. As the eye goes from your eclectic decor scheme to your eclectic art, your statement will be made.

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When it Matches

Some artists create a series of pieces that could certainly stand alone, but are often meant to be displayed as one work. These pieces resonate with each other and work off of one another to make your art statement. At this point, regardless of your decor style, the artwork becomes front and center, like an art gallery in your home.

Image: Archi Magz

Even if your favorite art pieces is not one of a series, you can still find other pieces by the same artist to enhance the particular art style.

When To Match Color Palettes

Should you truly want to feature your artwork, regardless of whether they match your decor, choose decor with a cohesive color palette. The more the decor works together, the more the eye will the drawn to the art in the room that stands out from the cohesive decor.

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Should you absolutely feel like there needs to be some matching in your home, you don't have focus on just one color. Pull color schemes from the palette of the art pieces. Use these colors throughout your space as a way to emphasize the art piece.

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For the Art Connoisseur

If you already have a collection of art, you are well aware that art can stand on it's own and have little to do with its surrounding decor. However, coordinating the look of the room can really help highlight a piece (or pieces) that may otherwise have a tough time making its intended statement (see comment above regarding matching color palettes). You see, artists tend to think that art should stand on its own without any regard for the color or style of your sofa, a designer, would have a different opinion. Marrying those two opinions is really what its all about though, in the name of art.

Pair the Bizarre with the Outrageous

Crass. Bizarre. Trailblazing. Humorous. However you decide to categorize your very unique piece of art, try pairing it with a piece or other pieces in your room that are just as outrageous. Suddenly the pieces that seem out of place find a place together.

Image: Homed It

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