Saturday, August 16, 2014

Recycling Old Books in Home Decor

A Sofa of Books from the Movie Paper Man
A love of books finds a new meaning.

Ever impressed with the creative vision of artists and designers who use salvaged materials and recycle materials used for art and home decor, we stumbled across a rug constructed entirely of book spines.

Image: Pamela Paulsrud from her Bibliophilism Collection

Most paper recyclers will not accept books because of the blue that binds the book at the spine. Remove the cover and glue and the paper from books will be accepted. We think it's far more fascinating to create something new with the old. Pair any of these pieces with rug constructed of recycled materials and your home will be a bastion of sustainable living.

The circulation desk at this library found the perfect way to recycle excess copies of books.

Image: The Endearing Designer

Need a place to put your books? Try the coffee table.

Image:  Publishers Weekly

Create an invisible book shelf. Literally, a BOOK shelf.

Image: MorFurn

Image: Not Tom

Sweet dreams. Fall asleep while reading your favorite books, upon your favorite books in a book bed.

Image: Random Acts of Reading

Books as a headboard is just as unique. From cover...

Image: Wretched Refuse cover.

Image: Design Everyday

Vases sculpted from the pages of book are the work of artist Laura Cahill.

Image: Dezeen

Shed some light on an old book with these chandeliers.

Image: Inhabitat

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