Monday, October 28, 2013

Loloi Avanti Collection

Introducing an intricately designed combination of nostalgia and modernistic. 

Loloi has comprised a collection of power loomed rugs with delightfully soft microfiber surfaces. The rugs are designed and manufactured as a distressed pattern that seem to imply family heirloom while fitting perfectly into contemporary decor. Introducing the Loloi Avanti Collection.

Made of 100% polyester, the charcoal beige rug is a kaleidoscope of wonderment. Whether you see snowflakes drifting against a dark winter sky or dandelions blowing in the wind, we see beautiful promise. This rug is a unique blend of design, texture and color that disguises itself as modern, eclectic, traditional or contemporary.

Loloi Avantic Collection in Charcoal and Beige

Intricate scrollwork is hardly unnoticeable. This rug seems to make a cozy statement that could be attributed to the throwback to traditional rug scrollwork. The distressed look may make people think it's truly vintage, and only you will know the truth.

Avantic Collection in Teal
A simple, repetitive geometric pattern creates a comfort level and a simple backdrop upon which a variety of decor and furniture can be placed. This rug from the Avanti collection pairs together two colors from opposite ends of the spectrum in such harmony. 

A patchwork blue of sea of possibility. The overdyed appearance adds to the vintage look of this collection. This piece resembles antique overdyed rugs and the contemporary hue of blue make this rug an eclectic masterpiece. 

Avanti Collection in Blue
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