Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Homespice Decor

Spice things up with with a rug from Homespice Decor.

With four generations of textile history, Homespice Decor established its roots in desert trading from old Indian cities. This rich history is evident in the company's innovative approach to floor decor. Initially, the company manufactured and sold handcrafted quilts. This initial production grew to braided rugs, flat woven rugs, penny rugs, handhooked rugs, pillows and other accessories. Add a little spice to your floor decor.

As pictured above, the braided rug is a naturally toned cotton and viscose blend that is durable and versatile. Durable enough to enhance your indoor or outdoor living area. This piece from the Sunflower collection brings a brightness and a glow to all natural fibers. Your floors will certainly savor the Homespice.

Sunflowers Braided Rug
Welcome to the star patch, a uniquely design in which a quilting past is brilliantly displayed. The unique patchwork rug is the work of designer Carol Endres and includes details such as hand embroidery and French knots. The pale yellow is an unassuming backdrop for reds, blues and browns and the perfect way to show off the handmade details.

Star Patch Collection

Aptly called the Penny rug, this design incorporates layers of coins stitched onto the rug. The array of colors with a simple geometric shape makes a statement with color pops. In a neutral room or one that is built on bold colors, this rug will fit right in. It might even become the perfect centerpiece around which to construct all of your decor.

Coin Rug Collection from Homespice Decor

The ultra durable braided rugs from Homespice Decor are simple, colorful and durable. Practically perfect with the ability to absorb water, won't mildew and can be easily washed clean. That's some floor decor that we can truly stand on.

Braided Venetian Glass Rug

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