Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rugs for Halloween

Image courtesy of Pretty Peas

This time of year just makes us want to shop for things in orange, purple and black. We can't imagine why.

Halloween season is already lurking in doorways and in windows. We perused our collections for some pieces in orange, black and purple to celebrate in the spookiest way. Put a pumpkin at your door and some orange on your floor.

Orange splotches as if from a paintbrush. We've featured this design from the Jaipur Maroc collection in previous posts and we just love the style. Simple, colorful and playful with a color palette that works well for Halloween. This piece in the Ghita design is 100% flat woven wool. We think it resembles four little pumpkins sitting in a row.

Jaipur Maroc Collection in Orange and White

Your little lad's obsession with pirates is a perfect pairing with your other Halloween decor. This jolly Roger rug from they Surya Playground Collection makes everyday feel like Halloween or at least may urge you to talk like a pirate. Ahoy mateys.

Surya Playground Collection

Orange and black together make a bold statement, especially on Halloween. The Momeni Odyssey rug may have been inspired by the colors of this festive holiday when the design for this rug of 100% New Zealand wool was created. With gradient of colors in the design, ee can't help but envision glowing jack o'lanterns on a dark night.

Momeni Odyssey Collection in Black

If you are looking for something a little more ominous for your haunted house, this flaming skull might just do the trick. Give your guests a blazing good scare with this rug sprawling out in your living room. A part of the United Weavers Legends collection, this rug is constructed from Olefin and made in Turkey.

Legends Collection from United Weavers

Black is not just the ominous backdrop for Halloween, it is also a very desirable color for floor decor. The Radici Vesuvio collection keeps it simple with two colors and one repetitive design. There's nothing frightening about that.

Vesuvio Collection from Radici

Purple may not be the first color you think of for Halloween, but we love how it has worked it's way into the modern day Halloween palette. A color that compliments both orange and black with such stylish appeal is sure to be a color that will work well in your living spaces. The Surya Mystique collection has combined purple with black in a geometric chevron-style pattern in such a chic way that it sends chills down our spine.

Surya Mystique Collection in Grape
Find more orange, black and purple treats with no tricks on RugPal.com.

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  1. Vesuvio Collection is very awesome. And its so much great for Halloween. Here is Momeni Lil Mo Classic Area Rug. It can glow your space.