Thursday, November 14, 2013

nuLoom Modella Collection

nu LOOM hand carved rug from the Modella Collection in Neutral
nuLOOM's Modella Collection is a well-executed line of beautifully intricate design.

Each rug in the Modella Collection exhibits style, abstract design and hand carved perfection that will leave you wanting more. Start with a hand tufted rug, add whimsy, class and delightful colors and you begin to see this collection take shape. With a modern twist on an age old tradition, nuLOOM's Modella collection gets that contemporary vintage formula just right.

nuLOOM Modella rug in Dazzle 

Add a few tantalizing tentacles and suddenly you are adrift with this rug from the Modella collection, however, your decor will never be more grounded. Discover a contemporary twist on the age old seafaring theme. As if the octopus is swimming away, you only see tentacles, but Captain Ahab would have surely been impressed. If the blue backdrop is not your fancy, the rug also comes in fuchsia, ivory, navy, ocean and purple.

Modella Collection in Blue Waters

With colors aplenty and a design that is geometrically amusing this whimsical rug from the Modella collection deftly marries vintage inspiration in a contemporary style. We are very fond of the color combination and just can't help but think happy thoughts. The 100% hand tufted wool is just an added bonus.

nuLoom Modella Multicolored Rug
The Modella collection has a such a unique way of presenting the floral form that we feel at one with nature. Gorgeous, scrolling, well-designed nature. The green selected for this rug works well against the gray backdrop and with a modern color palette. Hand-carved details on a hand-tufted 100% wool surface enhance the full Modella experience.

nuLOOM Modella rug in Gray
The Modella collection even offers something for the kiddos. What's not to love?

nu LOOM Modella Collection

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