Monday, January 12, 2015

Tips for Keeping Your Home Warm in the Winter

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De-winterize your home (or 9 ways to keep your abode cozy even in the dead of winter).

These few tips will help keep your home warm and cozy as the mercury continues to drop.

1. Use Sunlight - Be sure to open your curtains, blinds or other window treatments during the day to let the sunshine in. The sun helps warming your home during the day. Just be sure to close your curtains, blinds, shades or other window treatments when night falls. Even if you aren't going to be home, open up those curtains and to warm your home the natural way.

2. Fireplace - Make sure that your fireplace works with you and not against you. Remember that when the warm flames are keeping the area around your fireplace toasty, cold air is being pulled into the house from other places. Installing glass in front of your fireplace will help to keep the heated air from the chimney once the fire dies down. Also, remember to keep your flue closed when you aren't using the fireplace.

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3. Vent Exposure - Make sure that you furniture or rugs do not cover any heating vents. Blocked vents can cause heating inefficiencies. This includes blocking return vents. Should return vents be blocked, it can cause issues with air pressure resulting in a decreased flow of heat.

4. Sealing Gaps - Any gaps in your home, around doors, windows or vents, can let in cool air. In taller homes, as the warm air rises, cooler air tends to get sucked in the home by any means necessary, including cracks and gaps. If you are unsure if your home has any cracks or gaps where cold air might be sneaking in, simply stand in front of your windows or doors and test for any cold air blowing in. Gaps can easily be sealed with weather stripping and caulk.

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5. Close Doors to Rooms - In rooms where you may want to remain especially toasty, consider closing the door. This may include your bedroom at night to say extra toasty or your office during the day.

6. Add Layers - Think of how much warmer you feel when you layer your  body. That is what happens when you layer your home. The best layer to add to warm up your home? A rug. Rugs help to minimize the drafty air and keep your home cozy. Bare floors do not provide warmth, your feet have told you that.

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7. Oven Use - On particularly cold days, think of recipes that require some slow, all-day roasting. The use of your oven provides extraordinary warmth in the areas of your home near the kitchen.

8. Space Heaters - If you have some parts of your home that just do not seem to warm up, you can consider using a space heater. Modern ceramic space heaters are far safer than older model coil space heaters. Nevertheless, exercise caution when using a heater, particularly if it will be in operation while you sleep.

9. Replace Furnace and Heater Filters - Be sure to check all of the furnace and central heating filters in your home. The hard a heater has to work, the less efficient it becomes. This results in a large bill and a lot less coziness.

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