Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How to Unroll and Flatten a Rug

Your new rug has arrived and we want to help you show it off immediately.
The best way to pack, store and transport a rug is by rolling it tight. You will notice, depending on the construction of the rug and the type of rug fibers, that the flattening can be instantaneous or require a bit of help.

Image: Curbly

Tip 1:  Once your rug arrives (or you remove it from storage) unroll it in the space where it will be place. Remove as many creases as possible and smooth it as flat as possible.

Image: New England Fine Living

Tip 2: Fibers begin to relax once the rug is lying flat. Allow the rug to rest for at least a day or two before doing anything. Depending on how long the rug was stored, it may flatten perfectly at this point.

Tip 3: Often the corners of the rug curl up (they should curl up as the rugs should be stored pile in) or down. You can simply curl the ends in the other direction to begin to relax the pile. You may need to leave the rug like this for a day or two.

Image: Wiki

**NOTE: Do NOT crease the rug. Merely roll it. If you hear a cracking sound when you are trying to roll the corners in the opposite direction, stop immediately, as the backing will be damaged.

Tip 4: If necessary, place heavy objects on the rug to continue to flatten the corners. Again, you may need to leave the rug like this for a day or two.

Tip 5: If your rug still won't lie flat after attempting each of the above measures, you can steam out the curls with an iron. Simply place a slightly damp towel on the rug. Set the iron on a high temperature and steam heat the rug into shape.

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When in doubt, if you are still having trouble, contact us immediately for more suggestions and assistance.

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