Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Finding Inspiration for Design

Image: Creatiwitty Blog

Creatives need inspiration, too. Designers are inspired to create something spectacular, fitting, breathtaking and perfect for their projects. As a designer, where do you find inspiration?
While perusing some the latest rug collections that feature unique, out of the box designs, we were inspired by the creativity, beauty and shapes and forms that represented something familiar. We see natural forms, botanical designs, familiar food, bold color combinations, links to fashion and architectural wonders. While there are no "rules" or recipes for making art, there are plenty places to look for inspiration.

The next time you, as a designer and creative, need to feel inspired try a few of these great places from which to draw.

1. Faraway Places - draw on your adventures to inspire you. Think of your favorite places in the world, either where you have been or would like to go. Tap into the person that you were at the time of the trip. What were you feeling, thinking, seeing, experiencing? Conjur up those memories and use them to design.

We see inspiration from the Sahara desert.

Nourison Radiant Arts Collection

2. Children's Art and Illustrations - Some of the most whimsical artists in the world happen to be children's book illustrators. As a young child, there are most certainly books and stories with which you identified because of the illustrations. Before we can read, we connect with the images and illustrations that tell the stories. Think of your favorite illustrated books as a child and draw on that artistic whimsy to create your own designs.

Momeni Li'l Mo Whimsy Collection

3. Food - When you have completely run out of ideas and are dying for some inspiration, think of your favorite food. Eating our favorite foods puts our bodies on sensory overload. Not only is food so naturally beautiful, we get the extrasensory advantage of taste and smell to invoke more creative inspiration.

Loloi Enzo Collection

4. Nature - The wonderment of nature is full of beautiful creativity. From botanical gardens to vast oceans, natural forms are awe inspiring. Draw on the repetition, the delicate balance or the logical construction that you see in nature everyday. Try closing your eyes and envisioning your favorite outdoor location. If you still need inspiration, try take a walk or a hike and absorbing the natural beauty as you go.

NuLoom Modella Collection

5. Architecture and Famous Interiors - Some of the most recognizable shapes and forms in the world come from centuries of inspired architecture. Think of your favorite skyline, the most impressive structure that you've visited or the styles of architecture or interiors that are most appealing to you. Once you have those forms and shapes in mind, create your own architecturally inspired marvel.

Kas Bali Collection

6. Product Packaging - While artists tend to think along the lines of other art sources, some of the most clever and creative designs come in small packages. Product packages. The geometric patterns and repetitive nature of a unique package can be playful, serious or truly a piece of art, all accentuating the enclosed product.

Product: 3-D Placemats by Home Decor Design Company Finell
Image: The Dieline

Nu Loom Cine Collection in Orange

7. Logo Design - Delivering a message without saying a word. Some of the most recognizable logos around the world combine simplicity and creativity. Pull up some of your favorite logo designs or peruse through new ones to inspire your graphic design prowess.

While we know this may not be entirely inspired by a logo, we love that it incorporates the same type of idea. Simplicity, recognizable shapes and symbols without needing to be obvious is a winning formula. Perfection.

NuLoom Modella Collection

8. Go Retro - When your creative well is running dangerously low, try calling on the power of the past. There's a reason why some designs and patterns recur and find new life in each decade. A modern take on traditional patterns and designs makes it seem new again.

Traditional scroll patterns in a vintage overdyed, contemporary ombre color pattern. Old meets new meets old again.

Momeni Habitat Collection

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