Thursday, July 10, 2014

Enhancing Wall to Wall Carpet

Image: Apartment Therapy
Conquering boring wall to wall carpet.

Unlike the appeal of nice shiny hardwood floors, wall to wall carpet can appear drab, boring and not at all a reflection of your personality. Here are some quick tips for sprucing up the look for your home, despite the carpeting.

Image: Apartment Therapy

Use Color 

Use area rugs to add color and personality to your decor. While you can pull from the colors of an area rug to enhance your decor, the same can't always be said of carpeting. Enhance your decor by building a color scheme from a rug. Your beautiful rug becomes the base for your delightful decor, drawing attention away from the carpet.

Focal Points

Use various focal points to draw the eyes away the carpeting and to other interesting elements such as art, furniture, rugs, lighting or other accessories.

Use Texture

Texture can be used to add to dimension to your decor, the same can't be said of a neutral carpeting. Try a jute, bamboo or other natural fibrous rug to vary the texture of the room, particularly if you aren't prepared to explode into a variety of colors. Finish off your variations in texture by adding chunky throws, patterned wallpaper, high polished metals or reflective surfaces.

Image: Apartment Therapy

The Sprawl

Make sure that the rug or rugs you choose are not a mere postage stamp, but, rather, make a statement. Either use a variety of rugs to create interest or a giant area rug that completely covers the carpet in your space. The smaller the rug or the more it looks out of place, the more it draws attention to your carpet instead of your decor.

Image: Apartment Therapy

Choose the Best Fibers

Even with a rug pad in place, cotton rugs, because they are often a lighter weight, will tend to bunch up on carpet. Select sturdier, heavier fibers such as sisal, juteseagrass or wool. This is particularly important in high traffic areas, as a bunched rug is a tripping and safety hazard.

Image: Apartment Therapy

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