Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rugs for the Man Cave

Cow Skin Rug is a Perfect Fit for this Man Cave
Image: Business Insider

Stop toiling over the perfect father's day gift and start thinking "dad decor."

Dads should get a chance to put their feet up and enjoy their own space just as much as anyone else. Helping dad pick out a rug to add to his man cave, music room or his small space in the living room is a gift that will just keep on giving. You get to spruce up the decor of your living room or his man cave, especially if the living room is his man cave, while enjoying the comfort and style of new floor decor.

We picked a few pieces with good ole Dad in mind.

Black and white stripes. You can't get more simple, more versatile and more adaptable than black and white stripes. In the man room it bodes well as a resemblance to the referee, in the living room it would blend well with your contemporary decor, and in the music room, amongst the rows of guitars, it might just be Jailhouse Rock 'n' roll.

Jaipur Scandinavia Nordic Collection in Antique White

Surfs up Dad! Even if Dad's man room decor isn't allowed to seep into the living room, maybe he can just decorate the beach house with this one. This surfboard shaped runner rug reminds us all that surfing is only for the coolest of dudes, even if that dude is your dad.

Homefires Surfboard Collection in Navy
Dad may see hexagonal patterns reminiscent of molecular construction, computer server boards or an 80s sci-fi movie racing suit. Whatever your good old nerd dad may see, this rug is a contemporary geometric delight. Dad can catapult himself into mod style.

NuLoom Grace Collection in Blue

A sports turf for Dad's favorite sport or a stylish green rug? This 100% handmade tea green rug by Surya may just have been designed with Dad in mind. Even for the Dad that may not be into field sports, this rug still makes for a simple backdrop that works well with a variety of other manly colors. Score!

Surya Sheffield Market Collection in Tea Green

Speaking of sports fanatic, this rug is slightly more obvious and way more playful. This choice might not work in the family room, but it's certainly a fun one to bring out on Superbowl Sunday.

Fun Rugs Time Shape Collection

Dad loves the green, you know, the kind with 18-holes. This rug by Safavieh recreates vintage golf images. Vintage style for a sport that has not changed one bit since it was first played hundreds of years ago. If there is one thing we know about golfers, it's that they live, eat, sleep and play golf. Even when he is not on the course, Dad can still sit back and enjoy being a golfer.

Safavieh Vintage Posters Collection

If Dad's favorite place is on the patio, this rug will give him the softness and personality it needs for all day marathon grilling. A braided indoor/outdoor rug that is not only durable and stain resistant, but incorporates a style that is pure and simple is sure to be one that dad can't do without. Your other backyard BBQ guests will thank you, too.

Colonial Mills Boat House Collection in Blue

This Father's Day help dad spruce up his favorite spaces with a little plushness that is full of personality. Happy Father's Day!


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