Sunday, June 29, 2014

Decorating your Stairway or Hallway

Quick Tips for enhancing your hallway or stairway.

Your stairway and hallway are very practical means for getting from one part in your home to another. Often, these passages are the last to get a personal touch. Here are a few tips that will help you spruce it up quick.

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1. Dead Space - Eliminate any dead space that you may have at the end of your hallway, under your stairs, on landings or other little hidden nooks and crannies by adding furniture for accessories. Be aware of the width and size of your hallway or staircase so that the space will not appear to cluttered or crowded.

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2. Unique Storage - Because the space can be narrow, winding or full of traffic, hallway and staircase storage is often approached in a unique fashion. If your hallway is the entry or exit to your front door, consider clothes, shoes and umbrella storage.

Image: House and Garden

3. Color - If you prefer to keep your hallways and stairways neutral, you can easily add color pops with artwork, colorful frames, and other accessories. If you prefer just a bit of color, but are nervous about taking the full color plunge, you can just paint one wall or each room door.

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4. Photos and Artwork - Install a gallery on your long passageway walls in groups or in individual features and the main attraction. In a long hallway, your gallery has so much potential. From featuring your child's artwork to installing a bit of family history your wall art is completely you and a great way to show off your family pride.

Image: Made in Heaven

5. Runner - Adding a runner rug to your stairs or placing one in your hallway can vastly alter the personality. In fact, installing a runner on stairs is relatively easy to do yourself and doesn't require professional installation. Because hallways and stairways are high traffic areas, be sure to carefully secure the rugs to avoid slipping and tripping hazards.

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6. Useful Accessories - Just because you are including accessories among your hallway decor doesn't mean it can't have a use. Coat hangers, lamps, umbrella stands, corner bookcases and consoles make great passageway decor, but can also be put to use. Create a functional family command center in an otherwise dead space of your home.

Image: Positively Splendid

7. For More Variety - In a particularly narrow hallway, your only option may be to add artwork, wallpaper or architectural nuance. Consider wainscotting or painting a stencil should framed artwork make the area seem too cluttered.

Image: House and Garden

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