Thursday, March 20, 2014

Yellow Rugs for any Decor

Image: Be Colorful
Try walking on sunshine.

Yellow is bright and never holds anything back. We just love how it brings out the best in other colors and stands so well on its own. Here are some of our favorite pieces that use yellow to a fascinating degree. Prepare to look directly into the sun.

NuLoom Cine Collection
Although yellow is certainly not the center of attention in this rug from the NuLoom Modella collection, it really brings out the best in the blue while enhancing the pattern. We love the brightness and cheeriness that it brings to this kaleidoscope of shapes.

NuLoom Modella Collection in gold

Look closely and you will see the mustard yellow carefully defining this design. The gray and mustard in this mid-century modern design work to compliment each other in a pattern and color tone that works well in neutral contemporary design styles.

NuLoom Grace Collection in Mustard

This gold toned rug from the NuLoom Cine collection combines a simple geometric pattern with just two colors. Gold is the overwhelming favorite here and we love that this yellow with brown undertones can be used easily in a range of decor styles. If you shy away from the bright yellows, this shade of yellow is for you.

NuLoom Cine Collection in Gold

We love that this yellow has orange undertones in a cheerful design by artist Aimee Wilder. The giant floral pattern is enough to brighten up any space even in the gloom of a gray winter.

Surya Aimee Wilder Collection in Quince Yellow

Find some additional tips on choosing the perfect shade of yellow for your decor.

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