Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Using Runner Rugs for Floor Decor

Image Courtesy of One Kings Lane
We explore ways that a runner rug may be your new go to for floor decor.

Spruce up your home in new, unique, funky ways using only runner rugs. Make a runner rug your next bright design idea. Here are a few of our favorites:

A softer side of cooking: Kitchens are sleek, efficient and often designed with hard lines and cold surfaces. A runner can be used to soften up the kitchen and bring a coziness that can't be accomplished with tile floors and granite countertops.

Photograph by Patrick Cline for Lonny

Jaipur Mythos Collection in orange rust

Luxurious bath: Gone are the days of ragged yarn looped bath mats that are either too small, too casual or just too simple. Your bathroom deserves as much attention as any other room in your house, but the challenge can be addressing the long narrow spaces.

If your rug might be located in an area that may soak up excess moisture, consider an indoor/outdoor polypropylene runner that is resistant to mildew.

Infinity Home Source Kings Court Persian Vines Collection

Cascade down the stairs: Installing carpet on your stairs often has limited options. Patterns or colors are often less enticing than the variety available in the rug world. Runner rugs make the perfect companion to your stairs with more unique options than most carpet companies provide. The best part is, even as a novice, you can install it yourself.

Paule Marrot Collection by Surya

Grace a small space:  There is no reason a small space can't enjoy the same benefits and beauty that a rug provides, you just may have to be a bit more clever with selecting and situating the rugs. Rather than talk about it, we thought we should just show you.

Image Courtesy of Asmara,  Inc.

Photo Courtesy of House Beautiful

Photo by Peter Estersohn for One Kings Lane

Outdoor steps: For when those stone steps get slippery or just to dress up any of the paths leading from your deck to your yard, trying installing an indoor/outdoor runner. While you may not want to keep these rugs out all of the time, you can quickly and easily adorn your outdoor pathways.

Surya Jewel Tone Collection

Hallways and entryways: The one area of your home that is perfect for a runner rug is a hallway or a narrow entryway. Runners add such character in a long hallway that might otherwise seem bare.

NuLoom Grace Collection
Dine in line: Replacing larger area rugs with runner rugs that line a rectangular dining table is a unique way to create appeal in the room and break away from tradition. As an alternative to a large area rug, the runners help define the shape and importance of the dining space with a bit more whimsy.

Smart color pops in neutral spaces: Add a burst of color to brighten a narrow, neutral space.

Runner Rug Color Pop Image Courtesy of Brooklyn Exposed

Jaipur Maroc Collection

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