Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Using Florals in your Decor

Image: 2modern

We've got spring fever. It's undeniable. Tips for transferring that spring fever to your home.

As a result of our spring fever we posted some fabulous floral rugs, in a variety of design styles, yesterday on the blog. We just can't let go of our bouquet, so here are more tips for decorating with florals and syncing patterns with design styles.

1. Setting your Scale

Remember, just like any pattern, the scale of the pattern can set the design style. An oversized whimsical, iconic representation of a floral, for example, is considered, more modern. While a delicate, smaller, repetitive floral pattern is considered more traditional.

Surya Organic Modern Collection in Brown and Olive

2. Mixing Florals

Think of decorating with a variety of florals as decorating with a variety of patterns. The same rules apply, but just to the floral patterns. Choose similar color families, backdrops, even types of florals to weave together your tapestry of bouquets.

Don't forget to use these simple rules of thumb when mixing patterns in your home decor.

Image: Decor4All

3. Types of Florals

When setting a particular mood for a room or space, you may want to consider the type of floral represented in the design. Tropical florals work well with tropical inspired decor, such as beach houses, while small, delicate roses would work well with English Country decor.

Image: MomToob

4. Ornate Decor

The more ornate the floral pattern then more acceptable it is to invite it into your ornately decorated room. An overly ornate floral pattern in a room devoid of pattern, with very straight lines may seem a bit out of place, while an ornate pattern in a room with scroll works and plenty of rounded edges and curves would be a perfect fit.

Safavieh Wyndham Collection

5. Austere Decor

Even though it may sound like multiple personalities, it is possible to have florals in more austere settings. For decor that may be very stark or void of a lot of color (or color combinations) or patterns, florals are still a possibility.

6. No color pops? No problem

You may choose to go with a floral pattern, without trying to match hues of bold or muted colors. This selection works of neutrals well with the black. Not a non-neutral floral in sight.

Surya Gramercy Collection in White

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