Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Floral Rugs of All Shapes and Sizes

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Maybe it's the hope of spring. maybe it's the pining for warmer weather, but for whatever reason we can't get enough of florals.
Lumping florals into just one design category doesn't fairly portray their unique attributes. Floral motifs can be just as varied as the flowers themselves. Flowers are versatile and fit right into a variety of design styles, whatever your preference may be.

Design Style: Shabby Chic
The shabby chic design style is often enhanced by floral patterns. These patterns are simple, friendly, often with a pastel palette to represent an aged appearance. Not as rigid as traditional and not as free spirited as modern, the shabby chic style does emit coziness, a freshness, and a hope of spring.

Safavieh Chelsea Collection in Ivory and Blue

Safavieh Chelsea Collection

Design Style Contemporary
Contemporary floral patterns are typically created with a more neutral palette or with a simple two-toned design. The floral designs themselves are unique in representation, straying from the typical flower design and going for something more iconic. These flowers may not be recognized as a specific flower type (ie, rose or tulip), rather an artistic representation of a flower.

Surya Artist Studio Collection

Surya Smithsonian Collection

Design Style: Traditional
The traditional floral style is very similar to the shabby chic style in that the objects are very recognizable as actual flowers and leaves that are realistically portrayed. In keeping with other traditional rug styles, the detailing colors are dark and bold on top of a neutral backdrop.

Safavieh French Tapis Collection

Safavieh Chelsea Collection

Design Style: Indoor/Outdoor
Although indoor and outdoor rugs aren't exactly considered a "design style" it is always a good idea to spruce up your patio or entry with the brightness of spring florals. Here are a few of our favorites.

Loloi Sunshine Collection

Surya Storm Collection

Design Style: Modern
Enhanced by larger patterns and bring colors, there is quite a statement to be made in decorating with florals in the modern style. These rugs will not fade into the background, rather greet you as you enter the room and perhaps be the focal point of the decor.

Jaipur Maroc Collection

Loloi Francesca Collection

Design Style: Kid Friendly
These floral designs are whimsical, playful and fun. You may love them so much, you'll keep them for your own room and call them vintage.

Safavieh Porcello Collection

Surya Artist Studio Collection

Our hopes of a spring thaw are so much brighter. Explore more florals and find one that suits your design style.

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