Thursday, March 6, 2014

Finding the rug that is the perfect fit

Rug Showroom Courtesy of StudioFourNYC
Quick Tips: Find a great fitting rug without trying it first.

As a rule of thumb, interior designers suggest trying a rug in your room first, before making your purchase. Of course, this option is not always available when shopping for the best selection, best styles and even the best deals, online. We recommend the following tips for "trying a rug first"in search of the perfect floor decor.

Tip 1: Make sure that you measure the space where you are placing the rug. With the proper measurements, you can easily narrow your search and you won't be surprised once the rug arrives. See the post we wrote on find the right rug size for your home.

A small rug that is dwarfed by large furniture just won't do.

Rug to small for the space photo courtesy of Room Fu
Tip 2: If you are unsure about patterns working with patterns, here are a few ideas:

  • choose within a color family; 
  • mix patterns that are different in scale even if they aren't the same pattern;
Surya Forum Collection mixed with two contemporary patterns
Image Courtesy of Real Simple
  • when visualizing the rug in the room consider pattern separation, particularly with a solid alternative.
If you still aren't sure about whether or not a rug pattern will work in your room, purchase a rug for a test run. See Tip 6.

Tip 3: Ask for a rug sample. Often a rug manufacturer or a rug distributor will offer samples of certain rug collections for a view of texture and colors up close and personal.

Tip 4: Don't go with something just because of the price. Make sure your love it and it brings the room together. Your spaces need to make you happy and proud, not frustrated and cheap.

Tip 5: If there is a rug that is absolute perfect and you must have it for your space, but the size is too small, consider layering rugs. Try purchasing a SisalJute  or other large natural toned rugs. The neutral coloring serves as a larger backdrop for the rug and the room.

Jute and Persian Layered Rugs by Jenny Wolf via DecorPad

Tip 6: You can always return a rug that you don't like. Because we don't have a showroom, we extend a money-back guarantee to all of our customers. If you hate it, send it back and start all over again.

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  1. The tips you gave here is very helpful. In the near future I will use the tips you gave here when we buy rugs for our home.