Thursday, March 27, 2014

Easily Remove Pet Hair from Rugs

A Pug on a Rug Image: Attack of the Cute

Quick Tips: Removing pet hair from rugs when vacuuming just won't work.

Pet hair accumulates on clothes, fabrics, floors, pillows, and rugs. Especially rugs. Be it dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig, our little critters can be guilty of shedding. Depending on the amount of hair that is shed, your vacuum may be able to pick it all up. However, for certain breeds of dogs and cats, there is no amount of vacuuming that will get all of of the hair.

Image: Apartment Therapy
Here are a few other methods to use to help remove pet hair from your rugs.

**It's a good idea to vacuum first to loosen dirt and surface pet hair, just so the following methods are more effective.

Sponge Mop

If you have a rug with low pile, this method of hair removal works very well. To prepare your rug for mopping, lightly spray the rug with water. Move the a clean sponge mop across the rug to remove hair from the fibers. The pet hair will begin to clump on the rug. At this point it can easily be removed by hand or vacuumed up,

Fabric Softener

Mix one part fabric softener with three parts water in a spray bottle. Mist the solution over the rug. Do not saturate your rug with the solution. Let your rug dry.Vacuum the floor. The fabric softener makes it easier to remove dirt and pet hair that may have been missed by vacuuming alone.

Baking Soda

Lightly sprinkle the rug with baking soda. Let the baking soda sit on the rug for a few minutes. Vacuum the rug and be impressed by how easily the pet hair is removed. The bonus with this method is that baking soda also acts as a deodorizer. Your room will smell fresh and your rug will be clean.

Other Methods

If you are really desperate, you can try getting on your hands and knees and rub a dryer sheet across the rug, don rubber gloves and gather up surface hair or use the static electricity of a balloon and watch as pet hair attaches to it. Although these methods work well, it does require that you get down on your hands and knees and gather the hair with your hands. Save these methods as a last resort or for days when there isn't much hair and you don't want to haul out the vacuum.

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