Friday, January 31, 2014

Paule Marrot Surya Rugs

Spotlight on the quintessential textile artist Paule Marrot.

Paule Marrot is most recognized for her design of textile prints. Her style was flat and very two-dimensional, with much whimsy and cheerfulness. Marrot begin her career in textiles at a very early age after attending L'ecole des Arts Decoratifs. She apprenticed in engraving and textile printing, even selling some of her original designs.

Spring Print by Paule Marrot

After being introduced to fashion designer Paul Poiret, Marrot created a dress design and the fabric for the dress just for his line. Her foray into the fashion world introduced her work to the public sphere where she began to be internationally known for her designs and her textiles, even catching the attention across the pond of fashion connoisseurs such as Jacqueline Kennedy.

Marrot quite famously changed the French automobile industry by creating a new color palette (and logo design for the model Dauphine) for Renault cars, on the inside and out. The drab colors made way for brightly colored automobiles, as stark contrast from the competitors at the time. Her designs are still used posthumously by companies like Anthropologie and Nike.

Paule Marrot print on a pair of Nikes Image Courtesy of Freshness
Surya introduced the delightful works of Paule Marrot in rug form, constructed of 100% New Zealand wool. You may find it rather difficult to veer away from floral patterns when you encounter a Paule Marrot designed rug. Even if you have never purchased a floral pattern before, these rugs will make you think twice. The cheerfulness of flowers blowing in the spring breeze is so aptly depicted in this design.

Surya Paule Marrot Rug Collection in Taupe and Yellow-Gold

The beauty of Paule Marrot is that she easily transitioned from one design to the next, still in her very recognizable style, but all so very different. This, no doubt, is what spawned the wide range of appeal for her colorful designs. This rug is no exception, yet it is enhanced with a more muted palette.

Surya Paule Marrot Rug Collection in Pale Blue-Green

Of course, life isn't just traipsing through fields of wildflowers, and Marrot's designs echo that same sentiment. She so aptly exhibits a talent for the whimsy and cheerful, but without of the use of florals. If we look really closely, though, we can see baby buds on a vine.

Surya Paule Marrot Rug Collection in Red
Join the ranks of Jacqueline Kennedy and Renault and add a little joie de vivre to your decor. You won't be disappointed. In fact, you might just find it to be rather rosey.

Surya Paule Marrot Rug Collection in Parchment and Antique Rose

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