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Karastan Rugs

Karastan Wonder Rug image courtesy of Karastan
Karastan rugs. History in the making.

The Karastan brand came into being after the construction of a machine-made oriental rug impressed onlookers at two world's fairs. Created by Marshall Field & Co. in a mill in North Carolina, the machine-made oriental rug was an impressively beautiful product that was durable, of very high quality, yet very reasonable in price. From the creation of these rugs came the Karastan company, producing its first rug in 1928.

Rug Department Marshall Field's

During the 1933 and 1934 world's fair in Chicago, a Karastan rug was made on Marshall Field's loom. Rather than being put on display, this rug was spread for guests to walk upon and admire as a rug would be, in their  home. With no damage, no wear and an easy clean, the rug held up beautifully. Since that time, Karastan has come to be known as the creator of the "wonder rug of America."

The beauty, quality and durability of Karastan still rings true today.

The Karstan Iconoclast collection is one that exhibits elements of traditional details in a visually stunning arrangement. The neutral background and tones of ivory and grey usher it into a contemporary setting. It seems to be created as a solution for contemporary and traditional decor.

Karastan Rugs Iconoclast Collection in the Pavilion Design

Find yourself a delightful novel and cozy up to the English Manor collection from Karastan. This rug in the Hampton design is reminiscent of the traditionally designed rugs that adorn drawing rooms and old libraries. Even though it might have a proper name, we think it has such a cozy feel, it also quite closely resembles the original wonder rug.

Karastan English Manor Collection in Hampton

The Archipelago design in the Karastan Panache collection is a beautiful display of the ikat technique. The resurgence of the ikat design makes this piece so very trendy, particularly with the modern color palette. Karastan has done a beautiful job at staying relevant while still keeping its roots in tradition.

Karastan Panache Collection in Archipelago
Speaking of relevant design, we are quite fond of this nod to the mid-century modern style. The Willis Tower design in the Panache collection displays a perfectly modern geometric design in the contemporary color combination of yellow and gray.

Karastan Panache Collection in Willis Tower
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