Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Interior Design Trends for 2014

Image Courtesy of Casasugar

It's a new year and some new interior design trends are on the rise.

What's in for 2014? Here are some of the latest trends that have made us giddy with the possibilities.

1. Dazzling Kitchens

Get ready to make your kitchen the center of attention. Custom cabinetry, elaborate backsplashes and countertops that shimmer and shine with semi-precious stones are all a part of enriching the atmosphere of the kitchen. Goodbye granite and hello glam. Geology takes on a whole new meaning.

Image Courtesy of Neil Kelly

2. Oh, so Blue

The blues and greens of the past have finally joined forces. Turquoise is making a splash this year in upholstery, paint colors, fabrics and accessories. Look for the rich turquoise to take hold and be bold. The best part is, just about every color looks great with turquoise, even more turquoise.

Momeni Bliss Collection in Blue

3. Honey Woods 

An entree into the lighter side of of design are honey-toned woods in furniture and fixtures. Furniture designers are incorporating new collections with lighter woods for a fresher spin on some old favorites. A well lit room, with larger windows and some honey-tone furniture creates a more open and airy feel.

Image Courtesy of Neil Kelly

4. Things are Getting Hairy

Remember those hides we've been talking so much about? Well, add those hides to furniture and you have the latest in creative upholstery. Those popular hide rugs are making their way onto sofas, tables, chairs and even consoles as a highlight to any area of the home.

Image Courtesy of Jangrue

Safavieh Cow Hide Collection in Black and White

5. Blurring the Lines Between Indoor and Outdoor

We love to blather on about the significance of indoor/outdoor rugs and furniture. Transforming your indoor living room can easily transition to your outdoor living area in so many ways. In 2014, the difference between the furniture and accessories you can have indoors and outdoors just became more blurred. Danish modern on the patio? Yes, please!

Image Courtesy of Elle Decor

Jaipur Indoor/Outdoor Coastal Living Collection in White

Enjoy redecorating in 2014!

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