Friday, January 10, 2014

Decorating with Ikat Rugs

Ikat image courtesy of All Things Thrifty

Design spotlight on Ikat.

Even though we feel like ikat was a bit overdone in 2013, from furniture to dish towels, we still see the beauty of the prints made in this traditional technique. And we see ikat rugs as timeless style rather than simply a trend.

What is Ikat? You have surely encountered it, but maybe weren't aware of its proper name. Ikat is traditional method for dyeing textiles that utilizes the resist dyeing process. This process essentially prevents dye from reaching certain areas of the textile, creating a pattern (similar to the popular tie-dyeing process). The word "ikat" is actually derived from the Indonesian word mengikat which means "to tie."

Image Courtesy of Design Boom

Ikat rugs incorporate the same bright colors and resist dyeing technique to create unique contemporary displays of an ancient method.

The Safavieh Ikat Collection is a beautiful display of bold colors dripping with style. Crafted from a hand-tufted technique in 100% wool, the neutral backdrop provides the perfect display for the ikat design.

Safavieh Ikat Collection in Beige and Yellow

This piece from the same Safavieh collection is created in a simplified color combination, emphasizing the details of the ikat pattern. The neutral tones help it work its way into contemporary decor.

Safavieh Ikat Collection in Beige and Slate

The traditional ikat pattern is often associated with an eclectic style or bold and bright colors, however ikat certainly has a softer, more refined side. This rug from the Mohawk Elegant Ikat collection not only shows the intricate detail of the ikat style, but can easily fit into a range of decor. 

Elegant Ikat Collection in Gray and Yellow

We love how the dye process gives the design a personality.

Safavieh Ikat Collection in Blue and Green

Explore more ikat rugs on RugPal.

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