Friday, January 17, 2014

Amer Rugs on RugPal

Image Courtesy of Amer Rugs Catalog

Spotlight on Amer Rugs.

Amer Rugs was founded by Mahesh Choudhary who had a vision for sharing the work of India's weaving artisans with the world. He began exporting handmade rugs by founding the company Saraswati Exports. The company, founded from humble beginnings, is one of the largest, vertically integrated, rug producers in India. The vertical integration of Saraswati includes in-house wool cleaning, spinning, dyeing, pattern designing, weaving and finishing.

The American arm of Saraswati was founded as Amer Rugs. Amer Rugs was created to offer the beauty of India's artisans to the American market. RugPal is excited to introduce the designs of Amer rugs.

From the hand tufted selection of Amer Rugs comes the Cardinal Collection. This collection incorporates the hand-tufting from Indian tools of designs reminiscent of traditional Persian rugs. We love the traditional look, without the antique price. This particular rug is aptly named, the Benedict design.

Amer Cardinal Collection in Benedict Style in Mint and Gold

The Gardenia Collection boasts the interpretation of a botanical garden in rug form. With a rich palette easily found in nature and designs reminiscent of patterns found along a garden path, the Gardenia collection conjures a homey and welcoming feel. The same kind of feeling that overtakes you when relaxing in your garden.

Amer Rugs Gardenia Collection in Josette

Exploring the Ghazni collection is like experiencing a rich, ancient tradition. The premium Ghazni and Indian wools of this collection are hand-twisted and hand-dyed. The muted color palette and naturally aged appearance are miraculously beautiful.

Ameri Rugs Ghazni Collection in Pana Blue-Sea

Reflecting the artistic and creative background of the Soho district of new york, the collection of rugs from Amer by the same name reflects that same free spirit. From urban chic to street market savvy, this collection can easily sneak its way into an urban loft or a cozy studio. We love the contemporary color combinations that show off the unique designs.

Oh, and remember that turquoise design trend we mentioned? Well what do you know? A rug that fits that trend so beautifully.

Amer Rugs Soho Collection in Crosby Wild Dove

Explore more of the innovation and creativity of Amer Rugs.

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