Friday, May 17, 2013

Plush and Perfect Shag Rugs

If you are on the fence about a shag rug purchase, then we have the perfect formula to get you acquainted. You may just hop the fence and get yourself some shag after you see this!

One of the challenges of purchasing floor decor online is that you don't really get to experience the textures and plushness of a rug before meeting face to face. Well, we would like to introduce you to the Surya Aros Shag Rug Collection.

Think of this as an introductory meeting. You know, like a preview before actually seeing a film, except, we show all of the best parts. Although it is still not a complete replacement for seeing and touching the rug first hand, the quality, the texture, deep plushness and dimensional design are very evident in the presentation.

Surya Aros Shag Rug in Purple

The Aros Surya collection is made from 100% New Zealand felted wool and is painstakingly hand woven in India. This collection comes in a variety of colors including the gorgeous green presented in the video.

Just a few things to remember before you add some soft shag to your home:

1. Natural shag rugs, such as those in the Aros collection, can add a retro look or a cozy nester look with the same plush rug. The design is versatile and fun.

2. For simple, everyday care, you can easily shake the rug to remove loose dirt. Then, easily refluff the pile.

3. Shag rugs can be easily vacuumed  just be sure to put your vacuum on the highest pile settings so you won't damage any of the luxurious shag. 

4. There are various piles of shag from high to low. Choose the one that best suits your tastes and your decor style.

Surya Boulevard Collection (High) and Surya Ashton Collection (Low)

5. Shag works best in a lower traffic area. Lower traffic will preserve the look and the feel of the shag.

Shag is back and more beautiful than ever. Get shagged (or at least watch the very revealing video again)!


  1. Shag Rugs are Handwoven Rugs made from differents kinds of yarns. Dense and plush, all shag rugs are prepared using wool or polyester depending on the designs. Shag area rugs make a fun addition to any fashionable space by incorporating texture to the room.

  2. Well said! Thank you so much for your descriptive comment.