Saturday, May 11, 2013

Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Still scrambling and trying to figure out what to get Mom for her special day? Here are 10 last minute gift ideas that will make you look like the best kid in the world.

1. Plan a Meal - from breakfast in bed to a delectable dinner that gives her a break during a hectic week, you can plan a special meal for mom and be her live-in chef. Everyone needs some special foodie treatment from time to time. Include her in the process. Take a trip to the farmer's market for the freshest local ingredients. Need some inspiration? Here's a Spring Onion and Asparagus frittata by Sweet Miscellany that could be perfectly paired with fresh picked flowers for a beautiful bedside breakfast.

2. Tickets - Is Mom a movie buff, music swooner, theatre lover or a comedian's biggest fan? Check fan pages and search for movie releases to get mom hooked up. Most online ticket purchases require a printed version, so you can have the tickets ready on the same day. Easy peasey.

3. Tackle a To Do List - There's a list. There is always a list. Whether it's in her head or mounted on the refrigerator for all to see, she has a list of household projects to tackle. Beat her to the punch by completing the list, or at least getting it started.

4. Anything Handmade - For the crafty and not so crafty, here are some ideas for handmade gifts that will blow mom away. Anything handmade has the right amount of thoughtfulness, care and frustration that perfectly defines for the job of mom. Here's 10 ideas from the craftiest of moms, Martha Stewart.

5. Tiny Handprints - There are a wealth of handprint crafts that are quick, easy, and completely child (and adult) friendly. The little tiny hand is preserved forever. What Mom wouldn't love that? Here are a few adorable ideas from

6. Something for the Garden - If her solace is digging in the dirt, then surprise your gardener mom with a new plant, herb, shrub or fruit tree that you can plant together. You get to share in her hobby and she gets to spend time with you doing what she loves. Stop by any local gardening boutique or farmer's market to choose the plant that best represents your mom and her garden.

7. Arrange a Lunch or Night Out - Give mom a break and set up a date night or a girlfriend's luncheon, as a surprise. She won't have to cook, make arrangements for a sitter, and she won't have to worry about cooking or cleaning. This one requires very little planning, with huge rejuvenating rewards.

8. Introduce a New Hobby - If your mom is one of those people who loves exploring new hobbies, but doesn't give herself enough me time, give her that little push she needs. Gather up all of the materials or supplies she may need to explore her new hobby. Whether it's rock climbing lessons or a new sewing kit, let mom know that you support her new adventures.

9. Clean the House - Send Mom away on an errand and have her return to a spotless house. If she just won't stop scrubbing, drag her away from the mess, put up her feet, put on her favorite movie and clean the house from top to bottom. She might just decide to spend all of that extra time doting on her favorite offspring.

10. Rug Shopping - This is a rug blog, of course, so we have save the best last minute idea for last. If your mom has been fretting about buying a new rug, sit her down and take her to RugPal. She can search by style, color, material, design, with huge discounts, just for her. Give the gift of style, just let her pick her favorite.

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Happy Mother's Day!

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