Monday, May 13, 2013

Branding on Interior Designer Chat

Inspired by the topic of the latest Interior Designer Chat, we thought we would weigh in early. The chat on May 14th will certainly be as enlightening as ever when it comes to a topic that most entrepreneurs and niche retailers have to constantly keep in check: branding.

Not the USDA grain-fed-beef kind of branding, but the kind of branding that establishes your good name in your intended market, or, in any market, for that matter.

What is branding and how do you get yourself some?

Here's a hint: branding is the way that you are perceived in the market. Your reputation in the market defines how a client will connect with your brand. From the service you provide to the social networking structure you establish, it's up to you to spread trust in your product or service, and maybe a little bit of good cheer while you're at it.

Branding is so much more than creating a logo and launching a website. It's important to build a brand early and harvest relationships that will can help your business flourish. People are emotional and intuitive, therefore, they will associate your brand with certain feelings rather than specific products, catchy taglines or flashy graphics.

Think of your competitors and compare their brand to your own brand. Remain consistent and keep being you. You don't have to be trendy, you just have to live up to your reputation. Build trust in your product or service. Be recognized for what you are, for that one idea that put your business in motion.

We're striving to be a recognizable brand when it comes to stellar customer service, stylish collections and some of the best policies in the floor decor industry. Remaining true to our brand is paramount, especially when our customers begin to see our brand, as we have always seen it, the best choice for their floors.

Thanks to Dreambox Creative for contributing ideas on building a brand. Thanks to Interior Designer Chat for the inspiring topic. Organized and insightful chats such as the Interior Designer Chat can help foster the growth among peers. We've shared previously how much we appreciate the interaction and connections we have made via the chat.

Want more tips and tricks on this branding business. Join us at 6pm EST to learn more.

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