Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Best Mother's Day Gifts

Still puzzled about the perfect Mother's Day gift? We have the best solution, just buy a rug. We know, it's not the typical mom gift, but that's the point, right? If you still aren't convinced, just consider these reasons.

We share with you our top 10 reasons why buy a rug may be better than just about anything else out there. Of course you know your mom and we know rugs. Win. Win.

1. Finding the perfect fit is easier than you think, and far less embarrassing (in fact, we have a few tips just to help with sizing).

2. Do you gifts get a bad wrap? No problem. Let us do the wrapping (and the free shipping, too!).

3. The floral arrangement will always look just as beautiful as the first day you bought them. We can't say the same for the dozen roses.

Safavieh Blossom Collection

4. Rugs are perfectly diet friendly. We're not sure you could say the same about a cookie bouquet.

5. A gift of style never goes out of style. It's a gift that will remind her of you for years to come.

6. It doesn't have to watered, fed, bathed, trained isn't loud and doesn't need to be told to go to bed. It's also just as cute.

Puppies Make Great Gifts, Until They Eat the Rugs

7. It's possible to spend time together with no reservations or long waits required.

8. Add style to her outdoor retreat. Indoor/outdoor rugs are versatile. We can't say the same for that new k-cup coffee maker.

9. Chocolate is a great gift, as long as it's the kind meant for floors. Chocolate colored rugs are far more practical than a box of chocolates that Mom only gets to enjoy once.

Chocolate on Floors Should Definitely Be in Rug Form

10. No frantic shopping required. Mom deserves the best and RugPal is the best online rug retailer. Thousands of high-quality, beautiful rugs from which to choose at discounted prices with free delivery, a 30-day money back guarantee and no sales tax. Need we say more.

Happy Mother's Day!

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